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Project Hindsight team.

Project Hindsight is a strategy consultancy which uses the past to clarify the future.

We’ve worked with clients in defence, law and higher education, providing an array of bespoke research and executive education services. Click here for our current projects.

We’re always open to new challenges and ideas, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

"Many practical lessons"

Singapore Straits Times

"Helped us think more deeply about where we realistically are in terms of technology adoption""

Vinesh Jha, CEO Extract Alpha & Estimize (Hong Kong)

"Strong recommend"

Duncan Weldon, The Economist

"Interesting look back at an attempt to look forward"

Torsten Bell, Chief Executive, Resolution Foundation

"Very interesting and relevant to the work we do. Innovation is important but consistency is key."

Dr Clare Ostle, Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) Survey

"The work of Project Hindsight is truly innovative, with the potential to become a partner component in project planning and execution comparable to digital humanities."

Professor David Amigoni,

Keele University

"It's critical to understand past policies and their effects if we're to make better public policy,

and that's exactly what Project Hindsight is trying to do". 

Professor Glen O'Hara,

Oxford Brookes University 

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