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The smoking gun

A year-long archive data and reporting project with a global law firm. Our work fed into case preparation and influenced the final outcome.

Defence of the realm

A series of large defence projects with public sector contractors and private suppliers. We enhanced product design, management life cycle and skills using substantive historical insight, qualitative and quantitative.

Information overload

A research-intensive policy project with Resolution Foundation, a think tank. In an atmosphere of potentially exaggerated policy claims, we helped clarify their thought leadership in the areas of digital transformation, work productivity and national wage policy.

Memory decay

We wanted to understand how we lose data, records and information, and its impact. Using exclusive survey data, we explored ‘memory decay’ at home and in the workplace.

Back to the future

This ambitious study examined Unilever’s vision of the future and tested their forecasts using real historical data.

Working through Covid-19

This resourceful project examined experiences of working in the Covid-19 period, including how work and workplaces changed.

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